Lee Rather Ph.D. - Clinical Psychologist

Lee Rather, Ph.D. - Clinical Pschologist in private practice in San Francisco

Greetings and welcome to my website. It is intended to give you some basic information about my background, private practice, and the services I offer.

I am a Licensed Psychologist and certified Psychoanalyst in private practice in San Francisco (Pacific Heights). I work with adults in psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, and couples therapy, and also provide consultation to mental health professionals. You can read more about this on the Services page.

Over the last 30 years, I have helped people with a wide range of problems including depression, anxiety, interpersonal relationship issues, sexual concerns, career obstacles, blocks in creativity, substance abuse, and the process of coming to terms with difficult and traumatic life situations. Usually the approach I offer extends further in helping people discover and develop a more lively and authentic sense of self, which in turn brings a sense of deeper meaningfulness and engagement in life.

In addition to my practice, I have extensive experience teaching and supervising therapists, making presentations, offering workshops, and have published a number of papers. You can get a further sense of this by viewing the Publications and Presentations and Teaching pages.

I hope you find this web site informative and I look forward to speaking with you if you have further questions or would like to speak with me about my services.